Gold Plating

Gold plating services
This can be the art of covering a surface with a thin layer of gold, the fabric to get covered is normally silver or copper, to make this happen electrochemical or chemical means must be used. There are several methods that can be used to achieve plating; I am about to write about some of the more modern methods that could be utilized in the electronics industry:

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Pure Plating (Soft) - This process can often be utilized in the semiconductor industry. The gold layer is wire bonded and soldered. The hardness ranges ranging from 60-86, contamination can't be aloud to happen for the plating baths, they must stay totally free of it.

Pure Gold (Soft) - Special electrolytes are what deposit the soft pure gold; this is ideal for plating entire circuit boards

Bright Hard Gold on Contacts - It's a purity of between 99.7 and 99.9 % which has a hardness rating of 120 - 300, using this method cannot be useful for semiconductors because the plating usually contains traces of cobalt and / or nickel, these substances restrict the die bonding process.

It is not just the electronics industry which uses gold plating; probably the most common purposes of oahu is the plating of knickknack. This process allows a silver coloured material look like it is gold; it coats the surface using a layer of gold which can be very effective in not merely appearance but it's also much cheaper than the the real guy.

There are many companies online that provide Gold Plating.

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